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Creating A Catio
August 28, 2023

Do you keep your feline friend indoors? If so, that’s great. Cats are much better off staying in, where they’re safe from potential threats such as cars, weather, and other animals. You can give your kitty the best of both worlds by offering her a catio. A local Southbay LA County vet offers some advice on this below.

Pick A Sunny Spot

Choosing the right spot is half the battle. A screened in porch or patio is ideal. However, you can also use a spare room or even a bright corner. The main thing is to offer a place where Fluffy can enjoy sunbathing and birdwatching.

Choose Non Toxic Plants

Did you know that plants can boost our moods, reduce stress, and improve air quality? Kitties also enjoy peeking out from behind green leaves and pretending they’re vicious lions or tigers. Add some pet-safe plants to the area. Some good ones would include Boston ferns, Spider plants, Rubber tree plants, Money trees, and African violets. You can find many more options listed online at the ASPCA website here.

Add Some Furniture

Fluffy is pretty opportunistic when it comes to choosing napping spots. However, she really should have at least one thing she doesn’t have to share with her human servants. Cat towers are great, because they fulfill several important kitty needs: specifically, the needs to climb things, lounge around, and stare at their humans with slightly disdainful expressions. Boxes and catwalks will also please your feline overlord. If you want to save money and/or resources, go the DIY route and upcycle something.


Don’t forget to add a few playthings! This may be a great spot for that automated laser pointer or mechanical butterfly toy. You may also want to put a bird feeder up in your furry friend’s line of sight. (Note: for the birds’ sake, we don’t advise doing this if you let Fluffy out at all. Cats kill billions of small animals every year!)

Check Screens

Always put your fuzzy pal’s safety first! If you’re choosing a spot near a window, make sure the screens and windows close tightly.

Enjoy The Space

You don’t have to sacrifice this space to make it kitty-friendly. You can also add some furniture and/or things for yourself. This can also double as a great spot for doing yoga, having coffee, or just relaxing a bit.Do you have questions about cat care? Contact us, your local Southbay LA County pet hospital, anytime! 


Creating A Catio

Do you keep your feline friend indoors? If so, that’s great. Cats are much better
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