Heartworm Incidence Map

Visualizing how the disease impacts pets in the U.S…


Every three years, the American Heartworm Society (AHS) gathers data on heartworm testing to understand the impact heartworm is having nationwide, as well as in specific regions. Testing data from thousands of veterinary practices and shelters is used to create a detailed map that shows the average number of heartworm-positive cases per clinic.

The new map, which reflects data from the 2013 calendar year, shows that heartworm is widespread in many areas of the country. Download it today and check out the incidence of heartworm in your practice area. You can also compare the 2013 map to past maps from 2001-2010.

With testing data from 3.5 million veterinary patients, the AHS map provides a comprehensive look at one of the most important diseases in veterinary medicine and how it is impacting U.S. practices and patients.

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