Healthy Pets, Healthy Families

Good news from the L.A. Times about how pets can benefit our health…


The veterinarian examined Bella, a spotted cocker spaniel, and quickly concluded she was obese and needed to lose weight.

Working with a trainer, Maria Gastelum put her pooch on a nutrition and fitness plan. The regimen produced another benefit: Gastelum started to eat better and exercise more.

“If I didn’t have her, I wouldn’t own a pair of tennis shoes,” said the Ontario resident. “It’s really unbelievable how she’s motivated me.”

Los Angeles County public health officials hope that millions of pets living in the region can provide the same sort of inspiration and results for their owners. The idea is simple: If people won’t exercise, eat better and stop smoking for themselves, maybe they will for their pets.

“You look at pets, and they look like their owners,” said Karen Ehnert, acting director of veterinary public health for the L.A. County Department of Public Health. “We envision that by improving their pet’s health, we can improve the family’s health as well.”

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(LA TIMES 7.26.13)

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