The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded on the belief that animals are entitled to kind and respectful treatment at the hands of humans and must be protected under the law.

Fred is a street dog from Afghanistan. Craig was a member of an elite team of Marines. After Afghanistan, Craig left the Marines in search of a new mission – to share his story and his adventures with Fred and the message of “stubborn positivity” that Fred inspired.

With a HomeAgain microchip and pet recovery system, you give your pet the best chance of coming home to you in case it gets lost.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit animal rescue organization that rescues dogs, cats, and other animals. Through rescue and education, Hope For Paws works to raise awareness for abandoned animals.

As the leader in the no-kill movement, North Shore Animal League America is committed to saving and rehabilitating the lives of homeless animals and educating the public about the joys and responsibilities of rescue.

The Dodo’s goal is to serve up emotionally and visually compelling, highly shareable animal-related stories and videos to as many people as possible to help make caring about animals a viral cause.

The Recovery Village understands that adopting a pet while in recovery can be advantageous, both to you and the animal.



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