Feline Grit

An impossible tale of survival from ktva.com about a cat named Moosie…


They’re calling him a miracle cat.

For 64 days, 2-year-old Moosie traveled by truck, boat and train from El Paso, Texas to Fairbanks, Alaska — trapped inside of a futon mattress that was placed in a moving box.

Kymberly Chelf and her husband, Jesse, had packed up their belongings and were moving from Fort Bliss to Fort Wainwright. One of the last things the movers packed was the futon. When the Chelfs realized Moosie was missing, they thought their family pet had run away, possibly escaping through a door left open during the move.

“It was very heartbreaking thinking that we had lost him,” said Kymberly. “We tried everything to find him.”

Moosie survived more than two months without food or water, trapped in total darkness. The Chelfs’ belongings arrived at their new Alaska home last Thursday. A couple of hours later, Kymberly heard her pet cat’s cry.

“As soon as I heard him meowing, it just sounded like he was giving it everything he had just to let us know he was there,” she said.

The Chelfs said they were shocked.

“I called for my husband and was like, ‘We found Moosie,’” Kymberly said. “The look on his face was just disbelief.”

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(KTVA.COM  6.14.15)

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