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Reporter Kimberly Cheng of KTLA 5 News, Los Angeles visited El Segundo Animal Hospital to speak with Dr. Streiber about a potential threat to community pets…

from KTLA

Owners of unvaccinated pets were being warned Wednesday by El Segundo police about the presence of raccoons in the city that were found to have distemper.

Seven live and two dead raccoons were found to have symptoms the virus, police said Thursday. Two of the live raccoons tested positive for distemper, El Segundo Police Department Lt. Dan Kim said.

The virus causes animals to act strangely. Veterinarian Dr. Andrew Streiber told KTLA the virus can be airborne and spread to dogs from 30 feet.

Unvaccinated cats and dogs could catch the virus if they come into contact with infected raccoons, police said. There is no danger to humans, authorities said.

watch the televised report here…

(KTLA  1.14.15)

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