Brother Cream

Grumpy Who?  A post at Shanghailist presents the latest feline sensation…


Meet Brother Cream, the famous male British Shorthair cat who lives in a 24-hour convenience store in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

He gained popularity in July 2012 when he went missing for 26 days and was found through the help of fans on social media. According to KittyArmy, the poor cat lost three pounds from the distressing few weeks he was lost.

Local Hong Kong newspapers published the incident on their front page and Brother Cream became an instant celebrity. Rivalling Chengdu’s celebrity cat Snoopybabe, the British Shorthair has more than 170 thousand Facebook followers and almost 15 thousand Instagram followers.

He is also paid thousands of dollars to appear in advertisements and commercials. Brother Cream can be seen on city buses, subway stations, stickers and even on hand bags.

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